How Can ChatGPT’s New Update Help Businesses?

How Can ChatGPT’s New Update Help Businesses?

September 26, 2023
aipex digital How Can ChatGPT's New Update Help Businesses?

The Update

ChatGPT is poised for a significant upgrade that will introduce voice interaction and image-based capabilities, narrowing the gap between it and well-known voice-activated AI assistants like Siri and Alexa. OpenAI revealed these advancements in a recent blog post, highlighting the potential for diverse applications, particularly in the realm of creative projects and accessibility.

Voice-activated AI assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google’s own offering are typically integrated with the devices they’re installed on. These services frequently handle tasks like setting reminders, offering web-based information, and more. ChatGPT, which has gained traction since its introduction last year, is primarily used by businesses for a myriad of tasks including document summarisation and code writing. This has spurred tech giants into action, with Google reportedly close to launching its own counterpart named Gemini. Meanwhile, Amazon declared an investment of up to $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic to amplify its own ventures in generative AI.

The newly added voice capability in ChatGPT offers a range of applications, such as narrating bedtime stories, serving as a mediator during family discussions, or converting user-entered text into spoken words. OpenAI also disclosed that Spotify is utilising this technology to enable podcasters to translate their content into multiple languages.

On the image interaction front, ChatGPT will enable users to upload photos and seek assistance on various tasks. For example, the chatbot can offer advice on fixing a malfunctioning grill, suggest meal ideas based on what’s in your refrigerator, or even provide an analysis of intricate work-related graphs. Google Lens currently dominates this niche, being a popular tool for gaining insights from images.

These innovative features will be made available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers in the coming fortnight.

How Can Businesses Take Advantage?

The upcoming update to ChatGPT, which includes voice interaction and image-based capabilities, offers numerous advantages for businesses across different sectors. Here’s how:

Enhanced Customer Support

Voice-Based Assistance: With the introduction of voice capabilities, businesses can offer more natural and intuitive customer support. This can reduce the learning curve for users who may not be comfortable with text-based interactions.

Visual Queries: Customers can share images of products or issues they are facing, allowing for a richer, more precise support experience. This could be particularly beneficial for troubleshooting technical products or complex setups.

Improved Productivity

Voice Notes and Summaries: Employees could simply dictate notes or summaries, which can then be transcribed and organized by ChatGPT.

Data Interpretation: The image-based interaction can assist in quickly interpreting and summarising complex data visualizations or graphs, making it easier for decision-makers to draw conclusions without sifting through dense reports.


Inclusivity: The voice feature can make services more accessible to individuals who have disabilities, such as visual impairment, thus broadening a business’s user base.

Multilingual Support: As indicated by the usage of ChatGPT’s technology in Spotify for translating podcast content, the voice feature could potentially be used for real-time translation in customer support, making businesses more globally accessible.

Automation and Cost Savings

Automated Voice Services: The voice capabilities could replace or supplement existing automated voice services, offering more natural interactions and thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Visual Identification: Automated systems can use image based capabilities to identify and sort products or components, reducing manual labour and errors.

Marketing and Sales

Personalised Interaction: Voice and image features can be used for personalised marketing initiatives, such as tailored product suggestions based on voice queries or images submitted by the customer.

Consumer Insights: Analysis of voice and image data can offer deeper insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and pain points, aiding in more effective marketing strategies.

Content Creation and Localisation

Businesses that require quick translation or adaptation of their content across different markets can use the voice feature for rapid translation, as demonstrated by Spotify for podcasters.

By embracing the voice and image capabilities of the updated ChatGPT, businesses can not only improve their customer service but also gain a competitive edge through enhanced productivity, accessibility, and data-driven insights.

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